The Introduction

I don't define myself by the work I've done; I define myself by the work I want to do.


Skills can be taught; personality is inherent. My personality is what sets me apart from others. I don't chase awards, status, or accolades. Instead, I continuously challenge myself, engage in meaningful pursuits, and write about them.

I am the culmination of many skills and talents. I collaborate with clients who invest in their businesses, aspire to growth and profitability, and aim to make a lasting impact. The value of my work is reflected in the impact I have on my clients businesses.


My journey is marked by a series of accomplishments that have shaped my expertise and passion. In 2020, I embarked on a remarkable venture, founding Rayatiga, my brainchild dedicated to enhancing SMEs digital presence.

Guided by unwavering determination, I nurtured Rayatiga into a thriving business, specializing in rapid and dependable website construction. This endeavor not only honed my entrepreneurial acumen but also deepened my understanding of the digital landscape.


My pursuit of knowledge led me to Telkom University, where I pursued a comprehensive Technology Information bachelor degree. Over the course of three and a half years, I immersed myself in a rigorous academic journey, culminating in the prestigious achievement of cum laude honors with a remarkable GPA of 3.73.

This educational expedition expanded my horizons, equipping me with the technical prowess and strategic mindset vital in today's dynamic tech realm.


Building on this foundation, I embraced a new role as a web developer at PT Breef Digital Indonesia, where I continue to contribute my skills and enthusiasm. This position has been an avenue for me to apply my expertise, collaborate with industry professionals, and stay at the forefront of web development trends.

As I stand at this juncture, my past experiences and ongoing endeavors define me a dedicated entrepreneur, a diligent scholar, and a proficient web developer, all converging to shape a future brimming with endless possibilities.


As I conclude this journey through my portfolio, I am reminded that every step I've taken, every challenge I've overcome, and every achievement I've celebrated has been a testament to the power of perseverance and passion. Looking ahead, I am fueled by an unyielding drive to innovate, to learn, and to create digital solutions that transform possibilities into reality.

The road may be winding, but it's the twists and turns that make the destination all the more rewarding. Let's continue to push boundaries, embrace change, and together, craft a future where technology and imagination know no bounds. Thank you for joining me on this inspiring adventure.